Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Barbecue Equipment

One way to entertain guests and enjoy the great outdoors is a good ole barbecue. So easy to organize and prepare. Instant barbecue pits are sold at your local grocery store for just S$20, just unfold and light the coals to start. You can even stand it on an outdoor table like those Korean restaurants.

People who have outdoor kitchens usually have a built-in pit. If not, a simple kettle or a standalone barbecue station with racks, stoves, smokers and gas will make an appearance during summer.

If you plan to organize a BBQ, you must use smokers. Afterall, what is BBQ without the deep complex flavors of smoked meat? It is one of the main reasons we love outdoor cooking in the first place. If it wasn't, any gas stove or electric grill will do the job. Sometimes, getting one of those multi-shelf smokers to slowly flavour your meat before grilling is all you need.

Don't forget the wood chips for use in the smokers. It ranges from hickory to applewood and just about anything delicious in between. Another way to add spice to your meals.

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