Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Cookbook Stands

I learned to cook from cookbooks as I am sure most of you have. It may seem obvious given the large variety of cookbooks around us, but it's not. Once you get started though, you are hooked. There are glossy pretty picturebooks (that I love!), specialty cookbooks, diet cookbooks, restaurant cookbooks and the list goes on. And when you have a cookbook in the kitchen, a holder or stand comes in handy so the pages don't flip and the book is positioned comfortably for you to read from. A really handy tool that everyone needs to have!

I like to check my favorite websites for recipes and tips but I find books the most accurate and reliable resource still. An in-between option is digital apps sold for electronic reading devices like the Ipad or Mediachef. Apps provide an e-book of recipes and tips with the option to view instuctional videos online. You can't rewind cooking shows online as easily as it is to use these apps. Just remember to get a compatible stand to prop it up with or even reuse an existing cookbook stand for this.

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