Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Party Food Appliances

These are not everyday appliances, only used when you are a having a big party or on special occasions. Even then, most people just buy ready-made or rent the appliances. So its terribly cute when manufacturers make small home-sized versions for people with a lot of counter space and like to party.

Popcorn makers to pop your own corn. You control the type of corn used and amount of seasoning. I would imagine this is for people with home cinemas or TV rooms.

Cotton Candy machines. To make cotton candy, you really need this appliance. Using just 1 or 2 hard boiled sweets that will last a really long time in this machine. The retro versions are too adorable for words.

Chocolate Fountain, the ultimate dessert! Found in every hotel buffet in town, you can dip ice-cream, fresh fruit or even marshmallows in.

Margarita or Slushie Makers. One of the best ways to beat the heat, next to snow cone machines of course!

Corn dog makers, a summer time snack. You can buy the machine, mixes and an adapted waffle dog maker.

Sodastream or water carbonators to put the pop in your soda. Carbonate home cocktails, fruit juice or cordials for that extra special fizz and sparkle.

Beer dispensers are handy for big barrels of home/artisan brewed beer. Think about how much waste you can reduce from not using beer cans or bottles for your next party.

Wine dispensers are usually found commercially in restaurants and pubs although it is perfect for home use. It can accommodate just 1 glass each time and allow family members with different preferences to get the beverage of their choice when they want.

* updated on 17 Feb 2013 : Ice maker, I know I want this.

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