Friday, January 18, 2013

Origami Photoframes

After my accident the last time, I decided to play it safe and do an origami craft that doesn't involve the use of an utility blade. This craft also makes good use of double-sided paper as both sides show up in the finished product.

You will need 1 square piece of  scrapbooking paper for 1 photo frame. There are several origami versions of photo frames and I chose this one because it's square shape allows it to stand nicely. So you fold the piece of paper into the photo frame and tape down the loose ends.

This is the finished product. A tip I picked up is that distressed paper really makes it pop, because the shading adds dimensions to the look. I really like the combination of patterns found in the PaperMarket kits my sis bought me for Christmas.

Paper flower embellishments are a must of scrapbooking and I glued some onto my photo frames along with these cute printed phrases. I will be giving these away over 2013 CNY. If you don't have a photo you want to put in, you can leave as is, as I have positioned some of these to nicely frame the patterns found on the paper. 

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