Saturday, January 26, 2013

Paint-by-Numbers Online Stores

Craft stores usually carry paint by numbers kits and it's amazing how the creators of this product managed to simplify the painting process so that anyone with the time and patience can create an amazing piece of  wall art. Using acrylic or oil paints, each number is tagged to a colour and you just brush the respective colour onto the area marked out on the canvas. Easy enough?!

Online Singapore resources to buy your own paint-by-numbers kits from:

Paintastic - Nice selection of small, medium, large or clustered kits. Allows ordering and payment online.
DigiPainting - 8 different sizes of painting kits available including clustered kits. Custom orders of family portraits accepted, please enquire.
Very Nice Art - Online art seller that carries a few small sized painting kits.

For those who want to try this out, I have only 1 bit of advice: buy larger kits as the spaces to paint are bigger. Smaller kits have smaller sections that are more difficult to paint.

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