Friday, January 4, 2013

CIMB Christmas Giveaway Win

I won EpiCentre gift vouchers from CIMB's Christmas Giveaway. EpiCentre is actually the Apple store but they don't call it that. Coupled with Boxing Day sales, I was expecting to get some really good deals and ended up with the best gift for the guys in our life.

A backup battery, the latest tech accessory of late. Only this one charges up with either solar energy or an electrical source. I also got a wire wrap and neon earphone pads to use up the remaining credits. 

Chimichangas (deep fried burritos) for lunch, delivery by Food Panda. It's served with mole and salsa that was quite good. And I also ordered jalapeno cheese poppers with salad. Zingy, zippy lunch.

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