Sunday, December 9, 2012

Precious Moments

More Black Friday purchases have started to arrive, yay!

Christian themed cherubic figurines in adorable poses makes for an irresistible line of porcelain dolls called Precious Moments. As if you couldn't resist the charms of this cutesy line, they also make official Disney porcelain figurines. I hear there is a Precious Moments chapel and park in Carthage, Missouri.

Incredibly well-made with precise detailing and sweet colors  almost every girl I know (christian or not) has at least one. As I have learned, once you start you can't stop. So if you think a Lladro ballerina figurine is too expensive for your niece, a S$60 Precious Moments Ballerina figurine will suffice with no sacrifice in adorableness. Buy from Precious Thots or Christian Bookstores.

My latest purchase is an order from their website, now that it does international shipping at S$15 per item. I really only purchased 2 items, the musical lullaby Noah's Ark that rocks gently back and forth and The Lord's Prayer musical nightlight.

The musical yellow angel is a Christmas special at USD$9.95 with USD$35 purchase or free for new customers so I got 2 pieces. I find the bisque porcelain of much higher quality than the musical or water globe items. Certain items can also be personalized if you order directly from the website.

The other 2 porcelain figurines "It All Starts With Love" and "Friends are Heaven Sent" are free Thanksgiving and Black Friday gifts from Precious Moments because I am a member.

Christmas special is this lovely musical snowglobe at USD$14.90 with min USD$30 purchase. I already ordered mine.

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