Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Hermes Books

Starting the list of Hermes books with a highly entertaining and readable tale of one man's passion for Hermes, share the excitement and frenzy in "Bringing Home the Birkin" by Michael Tonello.
"The Hermes Carre" book by Hermes contains everything on its famous scarves, SGD $165. The limited edition version is gold gilded and wrapped in a Quadrige silk scarf, SGD $1,000. Published in 2009 and still available for sale on the Hermes website.

Hermes released a fun "Les 4 Mondes" colouring book in 2010, filled with 24 pictures for you to colour for a price of SGD $170. Purchase from Hermes directly.

"La Maison" by Koto Bolofo is a pictorial journey of the first photographer allowed unlimited access to the Hermes workshops in order to introduce viewers to the Hermes universe. The result of which is an 11 volume photo book that took 9 years to capture and retails for SGD $350 in-store and at bookstores, published in 2011.

"An ABC of Hermes Crafts" by Oliver Saillard is a 2012 publication that retails in bookstores for SGD $50. It features in dictionary form the terms and techniques used in Hermes workshops.

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