Friday, December 28, 2012

Pre Christmas Shopping

Put on my gold Pradas for a bit of last minute shopping, mainly because I have some vouchers left. Spotlight was giving out free Christmas recipes and craft projects as tearaways in-store and a 40% discount on my purchase. It's Christmas items also go on sale 2 weeks before Christmas and disappears immediately after that. No wonder I never get in on this sale.

So I bought a book of scrapbooking paper and ribbons. Great for making small gift boxes and wrapping smaller presents.

I can't believe how cute this is! Disney themed ribbons S$3.99. I was soo tempted to snatch up the entire batch. Actually I took half of what they had, I left some for the next person.

Christmas baking supplies. It's a little late, I know. But on sale, I can use them next year. Including an edible ink pen that is ridiculously hard to find, and Spotlight only has red color left.

Revisiting old favorites, Secret Recipe's award winning lamb shank stew with a butter bun. I love butter!

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