Sunday, December 23, 2012

Chanel Books

The Story of Coco Chanel is soo legendary that everyone has heard it and many authors have written about it. You can even catch the movie versions, the most recent being "Coco before Chanel" starring Audrey Tautou. So my recommendations here cover just the luxury labels work.

"Chanel" a 3 book series on fashion, fine jewellery and perfume by luxury publisher Assouline. It comes in a limited edition tweed case for USD $2,500 or a beautiful quilted Chanel case (pic above) for USD $550. But, fret not as Assouline has kindly released a cheaper version (pic below) that retails for USD $50.

"Chanel collections and creations" by Daniele Bott, is a summary of Chanel's iconic works with previously unpublished photos and drawings by Karl Lagerfield. It's Chanel in a nutshell for USD $40.

There have been many publications on Chanel's jewelry over the years. The latest is "Jewelry by Chanel" by Patrick Mauries, published this year 2012 and retails for USD $100. It celebrates 80 years of Chanel jewellery in full colour. One to add to your book collection.

"Chanel the vocabulary of style" by Jerome Gautier talks about the clothes which is what Chanel is all about. A prolific study of the fabrics, ingenuity and passion that will sit well with fashion students and fans of the brand, USD $100.

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