Thursday, December 6, 2012

Ferragamo Books

Luxury label Ferragamo commissioned this children's book from Annamaria Sbisa with illustrations by Michele Petoletti in 2007 and retailed instore for SGD $52 with proceeds going to charity.

Then in 2009, released this cookbook of secret family recipes "Le ricette per cucina raccolte dal Principe Don Paolo Borghese" by Marchesa Francesca Centurione. I was surprised too but Vogue's blog confirmed it. Retailing at bookstores for SGD $50. Oh, and its in Italian.

You can read about the man himself, Salvatore Ferragamo in his autobiography of himself "Shoemaker of Dreams" that chronicles his life and the brand's story. Retails at bookstores for SGD $65.

If you are interested in a coffetable book on Ferragamo the brand, then "Evolving Legend 1928-2008" is for you as it features everything in the Ferragamo world from 1928 until 2008. Available at bookstores for SGD $65.

"Walking Dreams" is a book dedicated to the shoes created by Ferragamo from 1898 until 1960. Retailing at bookstores for SGD $65. Given the number of iconic shoes created by Ferragamo, this book will be loved by all women as much as we love shoes.

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