Saturday, December 8, 2012

Barnes and Noble

Results of my Black Friday shopping online. I know, I live in Singapore so why am I participating in an American holiday sale event. With online shopping I get the same deals as Americans. Just beware of international shipping charges that can nullify any discounts. So I usually buy items that I cannot get here instead of bargains.

This year its Barnes and Noble the bookstore. B&N has a special series of leather bound compendiums on sale this year for USD$18 and the Black Friday special is 2nd book for just USD$10. I really wanted to get the entire series. However, my common sense stepped in and I only got 2 books - Dante's The Divine Comedy trilogy and Grimm's Complete Fairy tales.

The books are done up in an old world luxury style. Embossed leather-bound, gold gilt edges and ribbon bookmark. Would look soo lovely lined up in a library. However, the cover picture is cardboard that is just glued on. The first few pages are beautifully illustrated in colour but the rest of the book has just black & white print pictures. So its good value and authentic but not a collector's edition.

 I also received a coupon that I wanted to use, so I bought Laduree's Savory Recipes, original price USD$40 and after discounts just USD$17.70. Soo excited now to try it all.

Book came in a beautiful Laduree macaron box, pink tissue wrapping and bounded in lavender velveteen. It's the perfect present to receive this Christmas. Now I want to get the Laduree Sweet Recipes!

This year I tried a new escrow service BorderlessBuys that uses DHL. Delivery was within a week and shipping, tax & duties and other misc charges worked out to USD$11.50 per book. 

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