Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Cruise Day 3

Cream cheese and smoked salmon for breakfast.

Scrapbooking session after breakfast at the bar, again over that piano. First time I am trying out scrapbooking and it really is fun. The kit distributed is free and you can buy bigger packs from the staff for just USD$9.90.

Fruit carving demo at the central area. So this is the chef that makes all those food decorations.

1 more game of bingo before lunch.

For lunch, I find out there is a big salad bar in the middle of the restaurant that makes the most delicious combinations.

Classic burger, my bro says its the same one that's served in room service.

I took an afternoon nap as I have been waking up fairly early the last 2 days. Housekeeping staff made a heart or angel's wings arrangement this time.

 The ship anchored at Malacca and I slept through it. Didn't make it out to land this time as it was too troublesome to take a ferry out to harbor. Time for napkin folding lessons at the bar before dinner, we missed yesterday's session.

Kebabs for dinner with wine. The thing with drinks is you have to buy a package on board and my bro got a wine one for our meals. The selection is pretty good so just go with whatever is recommended.

Shared a cream flan with my mom.

Since its the last night of the cruise, the dining room staff gave us a rousing performance.

In the evening, I wound down at the lounge with the daily special, today its Asian Sunset and you get to keep the glass after. Live music on board the ship is world class in standards and variety, its on almost all day everyday in various venues on board.

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