Friday, December 7, 2012

Easy Handmade Gifts

Making your own gifts are a great way to share your love of the holidays and tell your friends and family that you care soo much about them that you actually put some effort into their gifts. It doesn't necessarily mean low cost as the perfectionists in us will always strive to make the best quality possible.

Wreaths are soo easy to make and soo pretty to hang up. You can make something sweet and simple or over the top elaborate from just about any medium. A herb or candy wreath that recipients can actually eat is always my favorite option. The quickest way to make a wreath is to hot glue stuff onto a round base. Be it a seasonal ornament for the main door or a permanent display in your room.

Packaging food gifts. Simply layering breakfast ingredients in a jar or hot coca ingredients into a cute mug, you can create a presentable gift that will have your recipients squealing in delight. Especially great for large groups of people like your kid's classmates or neighbors as it's easy to make, cheap and everyone has to eat right.

Homemade bath salts double up as scrub if your recipient doesn't have a bathtub. Easily made from items already found in your kitchen like sugar/salt, more expensive oils like argan and grapeseed, essential oils or concentrated fruit, epsom salt if you can find it, maybe some dried flowers/herbs and baking soda for fizz. For serious spa aficionados, mix in your favorite serum or moisturizer for good measure. Packaged in an exquisite crystal container.

Bookmarks made from cutting and pasting pictures from magazines, stickers or even a collage of your photos arranged online using software and printed out. Punch a hole with a craft punch, then tie a pretty ribbon to complete the look. If you want to get really fancy, scrapbooking shops carry highly detailed stickers that are worth checking out first.

Personalized pencils, made by printing out a picture, photo or a special piece of craft paper. Cut the paper into strips then glue the strips onto each pencil. If you are using broader pencils, you can even glue crystals on.

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