Sunday, December 2, 2012

Online Bookstores

If you are feeling lazy or have a specific book you are looking for, online bookstores are a great resource. Do bear in mind that a handling fee is charged on top of tax for online book sales. On the plus side, shipping is sometimes free. - Online megamall that has a book section. I think the prices are a little higher than average. - Smaller multi-product website that carries books. Good selection at reasonable prices. - Large selection of titles and a small selection of stationery and accessories. Currently having Christmas sales that are up to 50% off or S$10 per book specials. - Has an actual store at Ngee Ann City. Some of the books are available for sale online. - Buy and sell comic books, assessment papers and textbooks. - A new online bookstore that has free books, not sure what that is about. - English and Chinese titles available at this online bookstore - UK based online bookstore that ships free worldwide!

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