Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve 2012

Took some photos as I was shopping along Orchard Road the last month.

Not exactly great shots but you get the general idea.

And more freebies from shopping centres, lucky draws and live Christmas music.

Not forgetting my friends in America, I ordered cases of wine from to be delivered to their place. Courtesy of vouchers from Barnes and Noble, I got a $100 discount on each case of 12 bottles that comes with another 3 free bottles of Malbec. Shipping and taxes amount to USD$30.

The website says the wines picked are handcrafted (that I like) and award winning (good stuff). I did a quick price check and these bottles do retail for at least S$40 each, a really great value especially to know the wine is already discounted on this website. Just hope my recipients like it too.

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