Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Cruise Day 2


Started the day with sunny side up eggs. When you order tea, the waiter brings over a box for you to choose your blend.

After breakfast, there was a towel folding session in the central area as the housekeeping staff bring you through the steps on how to fold animals from towels. 

 Followed by a jewellery making session at the bar, over the piano! We got to keep our bali beads bracelet.

Before I knew it, it was lunch time.

My favourite cream of mushroom soup and lamb pitas that were rubbed with a little too much garlic but still delicious.

My Strawberry Napolean was exactly as I would have wanted it.

The ship docked at Penang during lunch so by the time we were done, we could go on land for some local food and shopping.

That's the cruise liner. Can you believe they have another one twice as big called The Mariner that's coming next year? Swee can't wait to book it for the extended family.

Formal dinner tonight so we had to dress up a little for it. The dinner menu was totally worth it.

Scallop gratin, clam chowder and prawn cocktails for starters.

I ordered duck for mains and it was done in Peking Duck style with the same sauce and Chinese flat bread.

Chocolate mousse for dessert, perfectly done. The chef is a real pro man!

You make a hole in the center for the waitress to pour coffee sauce in and it makes it that much better.

Walked off dinner with some on-board shopping and a live show.

Is this towel peacock part of the turn down service these days? The housekeeping staff are under-paid because everyone had one of these too cute towel animals in their cabin.

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