Sunday, July 21, 2013

Buffalo Gold Yarn

Newly created by the Buffalo Wool Co. is the 100% Bison Down spun with Gold wrapped Silk threads. This 90% bison down, 6% gold, 4% silk yarn is 3 ply with enough slack for knitting into a real American heirloom piece. Each skein of precious Buffalo Gold Wool weighs 50gm provides 300 yards of yarn and costs USD$250.

 It is also sold at The Yarn Co. where quantities are limited. One thing I have to mention is that it is only available in its natural colour, a mocha brown shade that may not be for everyone. I think the colour is complementary to gold and the resulting project would look great.

There are several things you can do with this, The Yarn Co. shows 1 skein made into an ornament mixed with gold beads. letissierdesigns mixes it with gold plated beads to make a fringed capelet. I would suggest you knit a travelling blanket in ordinary bison down yarn and use this gold yarn to make the border.

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