Sunday, July 14, 2013

Common Types of Yarn

 Alpaca Yarn from the adorable alpaca, relatives to the Llama and Vicuna. The yarn is only slightly wispy that I really like to knit into garments. However, it has to be hand-washed like wool.

Cashmere from the Kashmir Goat, super light and thin yet provides great cover and warmth. It's a luxury good for a reason.

Angora yarn from the Angora Rabbit. That is not a soft toy, it is the Angora Rabbit! Soo adorable, I want to adopt it as a pet, but, it won't survive our weather. Kate Middleton's cropped cardigan at her wedding appeared in VogueKnitting Fall 2011 issue. And it's angora, I really want that yarn now...

Mohair yarn derived from the Angora Goat. Super fluffy and airy, all girls (and guys too) love it! Thumbs up for an all too special yarn.

Cotton yarn has gotten really popular lately as it is machine washable and breathes well in summer, making it low maintenance

Another summer fabric is linen as we start to see linen yarns in stores. Also low maintenance but a little stiffer than cotton making it a great choice for structured garments. 

Silk yarns derived from silk worms. It is fluid and comfortable against the skin. However, it only comes in fine 2 or 3 ply strands unless mixed with other types of yarn. 

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