Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Washing Machines

Whirlpool Washers

Living in Singapore makes choosing a washer/dryer easy. There is hot sunlight available all year round to dry clothes so a dryer is not necessary. No wool winter clothes to worry about and special occasion delicates can be sent to the dry cleaners. All you need to consider is top-load or front-load and load size (5kg to 15kg).

GE Washer Dryer

Some people like my cousin who lives in a condo prefer to have a dryer, you know because clothes hanging out to dry is unsightly and slow-going. Dryers cost just slightly more than a washing machine but you have to factor in the cost of fabric softener for it. If space is an issue, washer-dryer combos are available but easily cost twice what you would pay for a washer and a dryer separately.

Hitachi Direct Drive Inverter Front Load Washer-Dryer

Its the functions that cause washing machines to range from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars. Each brand offers something special and different that might be what you are looking for. In general, some functions you want to consider are:

Steam - a heavy duty wash function that kills off germs and allergens. Great for young families with children.
Eco-efficiency - in terms of energy and water consumption. Save money and the environment with it.
Quietness - high-end washing machines usually have this.
Load stabilization - to prevent the washing machine from vibrating violently. Cheaper washers usually don't have this.

LG 6 Motion Art Flower Swarovski Crystal embellished Washing Machine

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