Tuesday, July 2, 2013


Monsoon is the clothing line and Accessorize the accessories line. Both deliver high quality products with a distinctly ethnic vibe in seasonal collections so I always check back for new items. I have to admit that I do purchase more accessories than clothes, I really love those embroidered bags. Anyway, Monsoon occupies a niche that is not available anywhere else, and is the go to place for something fun and festive providing the perfect vacation wardrobe.

Every season it offers formal fitted dresses, comfy separates, flowy kaftans and dressy swimwear. It's as though it was made for an English Lady expatriate in India. Monsoon is located at Metro Paragon. I know right, I can get all my favorite clothes in 1 place, Paragon.

My newest purchase from Monsoon, a canary yellow cardigan.

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