Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Egg Tools

Starting with electric egg cookers that allow you to cook multiple eggs at once either hard-boiled or poached. Perfect for fancy people who own egg cups and have big families.

If you have an egg cooker than you must also own an egg topper that cuts off the top of the eggs perfectly. You know, so you can drizzle salt & pepper on it or beluga caviar.

Next, comes egg cooking apparatus like these silicon cups that keep poached eggs separated in the pot.

If you like your eggs in its original shape there are now Eggies, egg shape moulds you can crack your eggs into and boil. It was invented to eliminate peeling hot eggs with your fingers.

Special microwave containers to cook eggs in, breakfast in a jiffy. You can't just throw eggs into the microwave on a plate.

More egg moulds for pan frying, smaller versions of pancake moulds. Great for sandwiches as it fits perfectly into the bun.

Egg yolk separator, commonly used in baking as white cakes can't have yolk, ever heard of that.

Egg slicer, I love this one as it slices eggs perfectly and quickly.

This is a new one, an egg cracker (heehee..)

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