Saturday, July 6, 2013

Knitting Day Haul

It's actually knitting month and retailers can choose the date they want to hold their sales. I dropped by Spotlight again to see if there is anything else I want and found this gorgeous silver coloured yarn called LIQUIDE by Moda Vera in 75% Bamboo and 25% Acrylic. I tend to stay away from acrylic but this unusual metallic sheen totally swayed me. Original price $5.99 each, I only paid $2.88 per piece because of a 40% in-store discount and a $10 VIP voucher. I already know what I am making with this, will keep you posted ;)

Selection of glues - Permanent Fabric Glue, Fray Stoppers, Gemstone Glue, Wood-Working Glue, Fabric Stiffener. Spotlight actually restocked entire shelves of this stuff.

Crochet starter kit complete with several metallic aluminium hooks, accessories and instructional DVD. And an extra loom hook, wish these came in different colours too.

Clover brand pom pom makers and cabling needles. Been wanting these items for some time now, can't wait to use them.

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