Friday, September 10, 2010

Rainbow Cake

This is the Rainbow Cake that appeared in the Martha Stewart show as created by blogger Whisk Kid. It's soo pretty that I had to make one as well, with tweaks of course. Which I found out later had very different results from the above cake. I included pictures of how the cake should look like for perspective.

1st variation, the cake batter was separated using a ladle instead of weighing individual bowls.

2nd variation, I used food flavouring with colour instead of pure food colouring. Grape for purple, Blueberry for blue, Honeydew for green, Pineapple for yellow, Peach for orange and Cherry for red. Of course the blueberry turned out purple *oops* and the dark purple turned out a dull purple after baking.

3rd variation, I used cream cheese icing instead of lemon buttercream. It's a matter of personal preference.

4th variation, and perhaps the most disastrous change, I used 7" pans instead of 9" as instructed by the recipe. I was happily layering the cakes and spreading icing in between. Feeling really good about myself as I reached the final layer of red cake. When suddenly, the red cake started to split into 4 and dropping off the sides of the cake! Frantic freezing and pushing bits of cake into shape resulted in a dome shape instead of neat layers.

Alas, that is the fate of my rainbow cake. It is meant to be eaten right? So appearance shouldn't count.

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