Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Kitchenaid Mixer

Oh, how can I express my desire for this fancy kitchen gadget? I have a white 1.5L mixer that still works fine, so I really cannot justify a new purchase. The kitchenaid mixer is an all in 1 tool that allows you to buy attachments to transform it into a slicer, dicer, mincer, juicer, sausage stuffer, ice-cream maker, and pasta maker. You can even choose the colour to match your decor. The total cost is almost $2,000 really, if you want everything. Shermay's Cooking School is currently having a Kitchenaid promotion and my friend/neighbour got one in persimmon (see pic above).

I don't think they sell the baby pink for breast cancer charity series in Singapore. But, the entire pink collection is swoon-worthy. Can't wait to get my own kitchen.

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