Wednesday, September 1, 2010


You know the Mid-Autumn Festival is around the corner when the credit cards start spamming you with mooncake offers from every hotel and major restaurant in Singapore. In the spirit of the festival, my family likes to gather together to sample the new offerings. To help guide you through the maze of offerings, here's a list of my personal favourites.

Number 1 is the yam paste mooncakes from Crown Prince Hotel that has closed down. In it's place is Park Palace Restaurant with the same flaky thousand layer crust with pure yam puree still warm within. I love it for all the same reasons we love the traditional Teochew dessert Or Ni. 4 pieces for $48. Number 2 is Carlton Hotel's mini walnut mooncakes. Nobody knows how they do it, it's the smoothest creamiest lotus filling with a rich buttery skin. 8 pieces for $35. Number 3 is Goodwood Park Hotel's D24 durian snowskin mooncakes. It's the king of fruits pureed and wrapped in delicious snowskin. Best served straight from the fridge as it's almost like ice-cream. 4 pieces for $50.

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