Friday, November 23, 2012

Wine Cork Wreath

Great way to use up all those wine corks accumulated through the years. The wine corks are stored in apothecary jars and when you have enough, you can make one of these wine cork wreaths to hang in your wine cellar or gift a new home owner. It's a precious commodity now that wine bottles come with metal twist caps instead of corks.

Again, I use a straw base because it's the easiest to glue anything down to. There are several designs to choose from and I like the messy version best so that's what I am going to make. You start by hot-glueing the wine corks neatly around the wreath to cover all sight of the straw. Then by glueing wine corks randomly on top of this neatly constructed base. It took me 2 hours for a 20 inch wreath.

The finished wreath that could do with a few more Lindermans red corks for a really festive look.

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