Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Asian Kitchen Appliances

These electrical appliances make Asian food staples. If you are going to eat it everyday in huge quantities then you might as well have an electrical appliance specifically for it.

Rice cookers, because rice is in every asian's diet. Put rice grains and water in and you get fluffy, piping hot rice everytime. From S$50.

Mochi makers mix, pound and steam rice grains into a sticky Japanese dessert. It can also be used to make miso and udon noodles. Comes with manual hand crank S$100 or electrical S$350.

Soy Milk Makers grind grains, beans, nuts, fruits into milk, paste, juice, soup or porridge depending on the button you choose, contents can also be hot or cold. Add milk and you have milkshake. Retail price S$268.

These batter moulds can be found in the smaller stores around your neighbourhood. You dip the patterned end into batter and then into hot oil, the batter will get deep fried and break away from the mould. And this is how you make Peranakan Kueh Pie Tee and Indian Achappam.

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