Friday, November 2, 2012

My Christmas Wish List (2012)

Alexander McQueen clutch with knuckledusters or 1 of those gorgeous dresses. Buy from Club21 at Four Seasons Hotel Singapore, S$4,000 - S$23,000. Collections are inspired by the Victorian age in both design and craftsmanship  updated with sumptuous new fabrics. One of the few fashion houses that still utilize old-school atelier workmanship. The man himself may be dead but the excitement from his fashion house lives on! I want that escher dress from Resort 2010 collection.

Montblanc Etoile Eternelle Fountain Pen S$3,850, buy from Mont Blanc boutique at Ngee Ann City. Made from silver coated in transparent lacquer and 18k gold, topped with a 0.06 carat diamond in the shape of the Mont Blanc emblem. I wouldn't buy this for myself as it's a fountain pen, but I would love to receive it as a gift. Incredibly beautiful and well-made, jewellery for the writing desk.

Laura Ashley metal bed is the epitome of classic British country style. Laura Ashley at Great World City #01-30 has a design team to help you design your home with furniture, soft furnishings and other stuff like wallpaper. Expect to pay S$1,500 for a double bed frame and another S$1,500 for mattress, pillows, duvet and coverings. I expect this to be more popular than ever with shabby chic the new design buzz word.

Manicure/Pedicure Package for 1 year S$1,200. Unwind and relax while getting your nails groomed, so you are clean and pretty. Beautifully manicured nails are the finishing touch on any ensemble, creating a neat and tidy look. My must-have spa essential.

Marco Bicego jewellery available at Tianpo. This reknown brand makes the most delicate looking but sturdy jewellery, perfect for casual everyday wear that is soo hard to find you know. There are a few collections to choose from and Paradise is my favorite because I love color. Starts from S$700 for a pair of earrings.

Jellyfish paperweights from glass artist Richard Satava. Isn't it amazing, it looks soo life-like and fluid that I can stare at it all day. The perfect gift for anyone that loves the ocean and especially divers. I think it also comes with an illuminated stand so it lights up at night. Comes in all sizes and can reach up to S$700, buy from Nova EFX Raffles City SC L3-06/07.

National Geographic DVDs S$75-$350, buy from HMV and National Geographic store at Vivocity. It's more fun than just reading and the blu-ray 3D makes it even more exciting. From Best of National Geographic to popular series The Blue Planet, documentaries and commentaries on every genre are covered.

Voice Recorders are standard tools for students and those trying to break into the music industry. It has other uses as well like reminders for forgetful people. Some features to look out for are SD card slots or expandable memory, USB port or compatible formats with your PC to transfer data, level of track marking, wind screen to eliminate wind noise. There are other cool features too like voice to print for transcribing. S$75 to S$250 depending on the model you are looking at. Available at any electronics store, even the neighborhood ones. I use my vintage cassette voice recorder to playback piano practice sessions and would love to have a new one.

Knitting loom, these new tools make knitting easier than ever before. The expandable sets allow for bigger projects so you can make gifts or add to your own wardrobe. I remember how difficult it was to pick up knitting and the time spent working on larger items so I really appreciate how much time these new configurable looms save. No sharp needles jabbing away, it is so safe even kids can join in the fun. For crafters looking to expand their repertoire and even your girlfriend that doesn't sew. I want the full expandable, configurable set. Knitting kits retail for less than S$100, buy from Spotlight or Growing Fun.

Brand's Innershine Berry Essence, 6 pack S$24.90 buy from NTUC, Watsons or Guardian. Made from 7 different types of berries to provide a boost for the eyes, I do feel less strain around the eye area after drinking this so I highly recommend it to anyone who works or plays on the computer all day. There is Berry Essence with Grapeseed extract that contains 5 varieties of berries and grapeseed extract to improve skin. Tastes delicious and can be added to carbonated water to make a fruit fizz. Great under S$50 present for just about anyone.

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