Friday, November 9, 2012

Paper Rose Wreath

Thanks to the wonderful tutorials online, I figured I too can make a paper wreath for Christmas. Since I have lots and I mean lots of yellow coloured paper on hand, this wreath is going to be yellow ombre.

To make the paper roses you are supposed to fold a piece of paper into 8s and cut in a circular pattern like above. Then roll up the curly strip of paper and hot glue the base to keep it in shape. I am feeling the burn from using a glue gun, don't know why but glue that's been heated up sticks better.

A matching strip of ribbon is tied around the wreath to hang it by. I got this straw wreath from Art Friend and it provides the absolute best base to work on, no problems gumming down each rose. I also moved the smaller roses on top and bigger roses on the bottom to add to the gradual effect.

The finishing touch are these pearls that are glued to the centre of each rose. Give it a good final shake to see if everything sticks and clean up those hot glue webs. This stately 18 inch wreath is done!

It turned out better than I thought and for a first attempt it is amazing. Great under S$50 gift for a friend however it takes a lot of effort so it has to be for a good friend. Door hanger from FrancFranc.

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