Saturday, November 24, 2012

If you've updated your Facebook account recently, you would have noticed an additional icon near one of the section headers that re-direct to UK/US based Click on it and the rest is self-explanatory. is an online printer that has partnered with Facebook to provide you with a free initial printing of Facebook cards, you just pay for delivery, I think its S$5.50. These Facebook cards as its called are pre-populated with information and pictures from your Facebook account. There's even a space behind the card for you to write a quote or tagline.

I guess we are all wondering why we need personal namecards, I had them when I was young as a novelty. Today, it serves a practical purpose as we can slip it into birthday cards and christmas gifts to keep our friends and family updated. So you don't have to scribble your Facebook ID on a piece of paper for your aunt or sms mom for your cousin's mobile number. I changed my picture to a Christmasy one as I am planning to distribute these during Christmas, along with the gifts.

I have to mention that makes some awesome high quality cards - thick stock paper, a glossy professional finish and clear printing. Just a little unhappy with the cover picture formatting as the Facebook cover picture has to be scaled down to fit into the card.

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