Friday, November 16, 2012

Gifts for Yachters

More gift ideas and this one for yachters, people who own boats and who love taking vacations on boats. Yachting is like camping on sea, you need to pack a sense of adventure and a love for the great outdoors. So I guess this list is also for friends who are more rugged and sporty. All items can be purchased from Ngee Ann City, Singapore.

Water-resistant watches made from durable and easy to clean materials. Oprah put together a list of her favorites from S$80 to S$6,500, the favorite being Chanel Ceramic J12 as worn by pro surfer Laird Hamilton.

Nothing sets off a tan like the sparkle from Tiffany&Co diamonds, nautical diamond necklace S$1,300.

You need a bag to carry all your stuff in and the most practical option is a bag that is waterproof and zips close completely so your items don't fall out as the boat rocks. Longchamp bags even fold up into tiny squares for easy packing and come in a variety of styles and designs including backpacks. Longchamp Le Pliage or Planete series, S$150 to S$500.

Yachters will already own proper footwear that is water-resistant, flat and covered. So why not gift your friend a pair of slippers that allow their feet to breathe. Havianas flip-flops for the sheer variety, it even comes co-branded with Missoni and with crystals or other embellishments, S$30 to $350.

For some fun on the water, always have some water toys on hand. Giant inflatables are as popular with the kids as they are with the adults. I don't know where to get these inflatable bean bags but you can get normal inflatable loungers and toys from Toys'r'us and the Toy section in any shopping centre for less than S$100.

Cushion or cushions and even soft toys, coz it's time to get cosy and make that yacht your home away from home. You can never have too many soft cuddly things around you so start looking for something unique or in theme with your recipient's decor, less than S$100.

Mood lighting that is safe to use and renewable, each candle provides warm mood lighting with a gentle flicker like real candles. It is wireless and rechargeable, providing 20 hours of use with a 10 hour charge session. Phillips Electronic Candlelights, set of 3 for S$69.90

Reading allows you to enjoy the great outdoors while getting entertained. So choose some easy reading and preferably a complete set of it to gift your yachting friend and they will love you for it. Chronicles of Narnia by CS Lewis S$65.

You don't want to wear a lot of makeup when you are having fun in the water. But, you still need to put on sunscreen and moisturizer so why not get a flesh-coloured BB cream! It's a moisturizer, sunscreen and foundation all in one. It looks so natural, even guys can use it. We all have our favorite brands and my mom uses Clinique Age Defense BB cream with SPF30, S$48.

This is something only for females. You need comfort and support especially when roughing it outdoors. The Belvia bra is softer and more structured than a regular sports bra, making it an essential item in your yachting wardrobe, S$19.90.

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