Sunday, November 25, 2012

Discount Deals websites

Looking for some fun classes? Want to try out a spa or restaurant? Or how about an interesting under S$15 gift to buy your colleagues this coming Christmas? Look no further than these discount deal websites, the most popular being Groupon. I have it bookmarked and check in daily for the latest offerings.

You just have to know that these sites usually carry quite a few terms and conditions like limited to 1 voucher per customer, applicable for first timers only, other surcharges apply in store. Read carefully before purchasing and if the terms are ridiculous do notify the website so they don't accept that merchant anymore.

Websites to check for deals: - The most popular discount site with the largest variety of deals updated daily - Not as many deals as Groupon but more unusual goods for sale - Same as but with a wider mix of products like holidays and classes - Run by NTUC income so some deals allow you to exchange link points. Troublesome to collect as you have to make a trip to the NTUC Income Plus counter. - Short and sweet listing without the spas, food and classes - Offers some free coupons on top of daily deals - Has some pretty interesting stuff like the home oil painting kit for S$22.90 - I spotted conference room rentals for sale? - Free lucky draws and coupons in addition to daily deals - Collection at Orchard store and earn reward points

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