Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Hair Oil

No matter how much you condition your hair, it will still be frizzy in the morning. So the discovery of hair oil was something of a revelation to me. Apply some on your hair in the morning for sleek, shiny tresses and also to prevent the hair ends from drying out in air-conditioning (you know split ends). For permed hair a heavier oil is used and a lighter oil for untreated hair. If you are in air-conditioning all day then be prepared to put on more hair oil at mid-day as the effects will start to wear out.

I always use Kerastase and within the brand itself, there are soo many different types of hair oil to try. Usually it is scentless but a few perfumed hair oils were launched recently. L'oreal hair oils all have a nice floral or fruity scent almost like perfume. Macadamia Natural Oil is quite different, there is a scent but it is more savoury, almost delicious even. You apply it when the hair is slightly wet as a treatment and when it dries out the hair is not frizzy and quite soft, so it works a little different from the other hair oils. Same goes for Argan oil that is very popular these days.

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