Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Waterproof Makeup

Team Russia at Beijing Olympics

In tribute to the Synchronized Swimming Finals at the Olympics, this week's beauty post is on waterproof makeup. The only event in the Olympics where makeup is a must and the Olympians pile it on, waterproof only of course.

Pictures of my cousin Jodie's Synchronized Swim Team
Before Make Up For Ever launched it's Aqua line of cosmetics targeted specifically at this sport, there wasn't a fixed brand swimmers used. Athletes just used lots of primer, layers of makeup and all available waterproof makeup products in the market.

A good tip we can all follow as runny eye makeup or streaky complexion is not a good look unless you are goth rocker Marilyn Manson. For a more natural look, just apply 1 layer of primer and makeup instead. Even if you are not planning to cry in public, there is such a thing as rain and sweat from the heat.  

If you are using waterproof makeup, the usual cleanser, wash and toners won't work. Be sure to use a waterproof makeup remover. There are usually 2 layers in the bottle, 1 oil-based and 1 water-based solvents that you have to shake to mix before use. More expensive waterproof makeup removers don't sting the eyes as much and you usually need less to remove the makeup. My family likes L'oreal, 125ml for $10.90. Cheap and good, don't mind sharing and using more when required.

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