Thursday, August 30, 2012

Wally Hermes Yacht WHY

Collaboration between Wally Yachts and Hermes, this revolutionary floating island concept yacht is loaded with cutting-edge eco-friendly technology like solar panels. What it offers is 0.5 acre of space within it to fulfill the needs of its occupants and unprecedented stability in the ocean. Once anchored, the space of water behind it is completely still and transforms into an olympic size swimming pool.
Onboard there is a heated pool, dining room, living room, music room, cinema, reading room, family room, spa with sauna and hammon, gym, 6 guest rooms with en-suite bathrooms some with lounge areas and 2 master bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms, walk-in wardrobes and it's own private deck. Not forgetting garage, laundry room, storage, galley and staff quarters for 20 people. No country style kitchen with breakfast nook for guests? Or outdoor dining table?
The WHY was conceptualized in 2008 and made its debut in 2010. Just as it went into built recently, Hermes announced its exit so the engineers can go to work without design considerations. The 58x38 yacht is roughly priced at S$200 million and there is a smaller 37x24 version available. At this price, it comes with a fully outfitted garage: 1 sailboat, 1 motorboat, 2 rescue boats, 4 dinghies, 5 jet skis, 6 canoes.

My favourite part about this yacht is its openess but that openess might pose a security issue. And how do guests climb up and down from the ocean?
My Recommendations for Improvements:
(1) It would be perfect if the first floor deck could extend out a partially submerged platform when anchored in deeper waters, guests can lounge in a couple inches of water without making it to the beach.
(2) When the yacht is in motion, there needs to be handrails around the pool or even a bigger pool to swim around in.
(3) Imagine if all the black outer casing are actually windows! You can see the ocean anywhere onboard!
(4) The spa needs a Salon for hair styling, wash, wet shaves and even a manicure/pedicure station.

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