Saturday, August 4, 2012

Acmamall is a local site that has been around for some time selling discounted books and beauty products. Earlier last month, it opened a revamped site, adding discounted clothes and designer accessories into the mix.

I received a re-opening coupon that I used to purchase La Prairie Cellular Radiance Pure Gold skincare set for $2. Wow right, I have been meaning to try La Prairie skincare for the longest time and always put it off as it is pricey, being one of the first few brands to introduce thousand dollar creams into the mass market with success. Including this 30ml concentrate that retails for $1,173.

Acmamall is giving away $5 discount on all purchases, no minimum purchase required, until Dec2012 with code CANDY. I just used it last night to purchase their cheapest skincare product Garnier Moisture Rescue Facial Wash at $1.20, free delivery. Limited to 1 use per customer only.

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