Friday, December 13, 2013

Sewing Christmas Stockings


I am planning to gift wrap presents in Christmas Stockings this year, like a pinata only you don't whack this one. Sew the opening shut, maybe add a name and it's ready to hang on someone's door.

It's these sewing panels from Spotlight again, they have a whole series this year (stockings, tree ornaments, bunting, advent calendar, wall hanging, soft toys and even apron/mitt/hats for kids).

To make the hook, the instructions recommend you use a ribbon, I just cut the excess fabric off the panel that works just as well.

You can sew this without lining but it makes soo much difference to do so, you know. I happen to have this satin fabric in a mint green colour so I used it as lining. Simply arrange the layers of right side stocking facing each other, then right side lining facing away from the stockings.

I like to tack everything together before sewing, as satin can get quite slippery to work with. It was done in just a couple of hours... I like to take my time.

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