Sunday, December 22, 2013

Christmas Gifts Wrap-Up

Finished wrapping Christmas gifts for friends and family. This year's gifts are pretty boring, mostly knits from my new hobby and vitamins from Holland & Barett. Thanks for the amazing affiliate discounts I got for shopping on their site. Hope everyone likes what they are getting.

Store wrapped presents for neighbors & friends (couple of new additions to the family). Yankee Candles and Toy's R Us to the rescue, and almost forgot about these Tangs Orchard purchases for Secret Santa this year.

Precious Moments figurines for my Christian friends.

Took a break from shopping at Bakerzin, tiramisu cappuccino and strawberry shortcake. 

Korres Makeup Remover Wipes for my new found colleagues. even gave me freebies with purchase, how timely as I need a new lunch pouch.

Ordering stuff from for my friends overseas. This sample sale site doesn't offer international shipping anymore and I really have to use up remaining credits. Happy Holidays!

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