Friday, December 6, 2013

Advent Calendar Panel


I saw these ready made Christmas Sewing Panels at Spotlight and positively shrieked. Just cut along the dotted lines and sew, what a great Christmas craft to get into the spirit of festivities.

Sewing this is similar to quilting, you can add some wadding and lining. Maybe bind the edges for a more complete look. Then sew the little pockets over the front picture. I also purchased the Spotlight quilting book with 16 projects at just $0.99.

Advent Calendars build anticipation towards Christmas. Unwrapping a gift a day as you count down. I grew up on chocolate advent calendars, but, you really can put anything you want into these. My friend had a Groupon Vouchers version before and my brother got his kids Lego figurines advent calendars before (on sale at OG now).

Instead of wadding and lining, I used 2 layers of microfibre thermals that is kinda spongy. This can really double as a baby blanket.

Red ribbon ties to hang it up with and it's complete. I punctured 1 fingernail making this and it still hurts. But, totally worth it!

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