Friday, December 20, 2013

Making Christmas Bunting

Another ready made Christmas Sewing Panel from Spotlight. It's such a joy to work from this as you can just cut and sew according to the instructions on the panel. All made in machine washable cotton. 1 panel makes 1 line of bunting, $14.90. I bought the whole roll, sorry everyone, I think I need quite a bit for my staircase.

I have to mention that Buntings are really quite traditional and seems to have experienced a revival recently. Cloth buntings (as opposed to plastic or paper buntings) are machine washable and fold up for easy storage.

My buntings are double-sided so it looks good front and back. I had to buy more Christmas fabric to sew it all together. The effort was well worth it! Now, to finish sewing a dozen more of this.

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