Saturday, December 21, 2013

Nutrilux Hair Colour

An organic dye for the hair, filled with natural oils to treat the hair and colour it at the same time. I was excited to try it out and just a head's up, it's pretty pricey compared to other hair colouring options.

Check out that high gloss, the rose oils smelled pretty lovely too. No nasty salon/chemical scents here.

After a wash & blow-dry, my hair is smooth & coloured. No further hair treatment or products used. I wouldn't mind stocking up on this for home use. Like my hairstylist said, they dye their hair with Nutrilux every 2 weeks in an effort to maintain their coiffed locks. As for quality, I notice the roots have more intense colouration so I think the dye was not evenly absorbed, bummer.

Christmas presents have arrived from Betty who sent along her fave Trader Joe's holiday treats, a monogrammed Disney blanket (LOVE!) and a sugar plum fairy stocking kit (that I also just purchased last month!) so now I have a pair to wear. We share the same tastes.

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