Monday, December 9, 2013


Reservations have to be made in advance, mine was about a month or so ahead of time. The Amex Lifestyle team helped me with this booking as I made a booking directly with the hotel and it wasn't recorded. This meal is also free! because they lost my reservation the last time around. 

Our table had a great view of MBS and the new Marina Harbour.

The 3 course lunch menu was already fixed ahead of time. French dining can drag on for hours if you are not careful.

2 courses of amuse bouche, 1 Indian influenced with lots of spices and the other Chinese influenced with chicken essence poured in. Really yummy even though it sounds pretty strange.

I ordered grape juice that is made from Chardonnay grapes and taste like wine except with no alcohol. Was expecting red grape juice but its still good.

My mom had the smoked egg that is presented with great fanfare and a long introduction by the server. My Ocean catch may look like a tiny bit of food but it's all shelled in advance and flavored individually.

Main courses of Lamb, 3 different cuts. And a fish with beautifully crispy skin that I have never seen before.

My mom & I had the same pear dessert that was my favorite part of today's meal. The different pear varieties are marinated in different alcoholic liquids, served with gingerbread ice cream, creme brulee drops, lime infused clotted cream, and arranged with wafers, biscuit, cake in between.

Coffee & Tea with amazing petit fours, molecular gastronomy chocolates.

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