Sunday, December 8, 2013

My Santa's List 2013

Hello Kitty EZlink cards, its $14.90 for the classic and $19.90 for limited edition versions. No stored value, so the price is just for the card that comes in a gift case with screen cleaner.

I've seen this around before, its a foldable lamp, alarm clock, weather station, calendar. Perfect for travel! Comes in several colours and costs less than $20. I already have an alarm clock I use for travelling but this one has an additional lamp that will come in real handy.

Nail Markers are usually for kids and with good reason as it makes application & nail art soo much easier. I have nail art tools but I still want this. Co-incidentally, these sets are sold at Spotlight, $28. I want all the colours or maybe just these black & pink ones.

Some of Philosophy's 3-in-1 dessert scented shower gel - bubble bath - shampoo. The whole range of scents are absolutely scrumptious, $38 a 16oz bottle from Sephora or Tangs.

Benefit Advent Calendar (exclusively available at Tangs Orchard), $107. Combining my 2 great loves, advent calendars and beauty products. This is a great gift for beauty junkies and newbies as you get an assortment of Benefit's fun stuff to use. An alternative would be the Disney Princesses Advent Calendar filled with sparkly stuff for girls, $48.

 Deli Hamper filled with cured meats and condiments. Tea & jam are fine but what I really want to eat are gourmet meats. Buy from Cold Storage, Harrods, Huber's Butchery etc.

Samsung Galaxy S4 mobile phone. Reviewed by CNet in April 2013 and given the highest scores. It's got a good camera and an enlarged screen for easy viewing. When I change my phone, I am gonna get this one! $699 with 2 year data plan from Singtel.

Wedgewood teapot set. I love my afternoon teas and have broken 2 teapots in the last year, so I think I really need a Wedgwood Fine China set coz it never breaks! Loving the Queen of Hearts look that is soo Alice in Wonderland or a more classic pattern like Sweet Plum or Wild Strawberry. I would like a teapot ($350), maybe some mugs ($60) and a dessert/soup plate or two ($65 to $180).

Laura Ashley x Brother Isodore Innov-is 5000 sewing machine, limited edition of course, $7k I think. I really just need a better sewing machine, preferably one with embroidery function. It helps if there is a large LCD screen on the machine so I don't need an accompanying laptop. Other essential functions are self-threading, long arm for quilting, packaged software and this version is loaded with English country faves.

Tiffany & Co. Paloma's Marrakesh bangle in 18k gold. A pair of these will be even better, about $10k each. Since I started knitting, I have been on the lookout for jewellery that is smooth with rounded edges so it doesn't snag onto the yarn or knitted piece. That and I don't own any gold bangles yet.

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