Sunday, December 1, 2013

Christmas Gifts for Knitters

Addi "Diamond" Turbo Knitting Needles for circular knitting, the inside of the needles are filled with Swarovski crystals, USD$125. This collector's edition is available in limited quantities. Addi also makes really pretty gold acrylic knitting needles and cords as well as stoppers, that are priced much cheaper.

Soakbox from SOAK, USD$50. It consists of a small bottle of soak wash and hand moisturizer, a skein of custom coloured Lorna's Laces yarn, matching Essie nail polish and a knitting pattern for fingerless mittens. There are 4 different colours/patterns to choose from. This too adorable gift box is perfectly put together and I know I would love to receive one.

The Broken Circle: Yarns of the Knitting Witches is a novel (USD$16) with optional companion knitting pattern book (USD$17) to make the items described in the novel. I read a few pages to check the writing style and it is quite nicely done. If you don't want to get the pattern book, you can choose one of their ready put together kits (USD$28). Their home webstore (Potluck Yarns) also sells natural or dyed yarn.

Dylon permanent fabric markers, USD$10. Dylon is a household name in fabric dyes and now it comes in the form of coloured markers. To show off your artistic side, these fabric markers allow you to draw/paint your knitting after it has been completed so you can get the colours where you need them to be permanently. Especially helpful for those working with undyed natural yarns.

Shawl Pins or Brooches, it can be handmade or branded, like this set of tortoise shell Hermes hair pin that doubles as a shawl pin. Most designer hair pins are vintage of course, quite difficult to find these anymore.

Tote bag to put your current knitting project & tools in. That way, everything's in one place and you can carry it around to your favorite knitting spot. I like this Fendi 2Jours Zebra-Print Fur Tote bag, SGD$8,783, it's a krazy bag for the Krazy knitting lady.

What all knitters really want & have is a Yarn Stash!

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