Wednesday, October 3, 2012


I grew up with a conventional gas cooker stove that I am sure a lot of us have. So I am a little divided on the induction stoves that all new condos come pre-fitted with for that sleek cosmopolitan look. 

To its credit, the induction stove is easier to clean, safer to use as there are no open flames or gas tank to contend with, it runs on electricity. It's also a lot more pleasant to look at. However, it takes some time to heat up and is not made for major cooking as most urbanites eat out. I know my sis-in-law keeps an induction stove in the family kitchen and a conventional stove in the real kitchen where the family meals are prepared, and I am certain most families that have induction cookers do as well. 

If you are one of those with 2 kitchens, you might want to consider fitting professional appliances in one to make a catering or chef's kitchen. A high-end Viking stove (picture above) would cost about S$10,000. It packs a punch with 2 ovens and 4 to 6 cooker hubs with optional hot plate, griddle, grill. More importantly, the firepower to heat up all the components effectively. KHL marketing the official Singapore distributor for Wolf professional kitchen appliances, similar to Viking.

For those of us with only 1 kitchen, we can just buy a griddle/grill/plate to place on top of our normal stove.

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