Sunday, October 21, 2012

Samples by Mail

More free samples by mail.

L'oreal sent me a tube of Lucent Magique BB cream that is a pearly white colour correcting base. I tried it and have to say you should only put a tiny little bit each time, too much and it cakes. I was surprised there is a colour correcting BB cream as opposed to the usual skin coloured varieties.

Palmer's Fade Cream for sensitive skin. It's texture is creamy but when rubbed into the skin, it seems to be unevenly absorbed and the lumps have to be massaged in. Online reviewers say it works on regular use, I think its not meant for major scars but rather uneven skin tone and that sort of thing.

Manon Olive Oil meant to be used for a variety of purposes like cleanser and blemish cream. It's widely sold but I have never tried it before. Hhmmm... (*updated on 24 Oct 2012)

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