Saturday, October 20, 2012


I've always wanted a grand piano but of course a normal standing piano works just as well and fits better into the small spaces of my home. As I grew up, my requirements started to change and I wanted an auto-playing piano so I can listen to piano music without actually putting in any effort. Along with a few other features that Yamaha has put together in it's Disklavier series of pianos, the professionals choice.

The top of the line Yamaha Disklavier records and playback your performance, auto-play some 400 pieces that Yamaha has installed in it and the DCFX Mark IV version allows for remote teacher/student lessons, live performance and live collaboration remotely. No word on pricing but expect to pay around S$150,000 (pic above).

Cristofori Examination Model S$5,900 

If you are looking to start piano lessons, a brand new piano starts from about S$5,000 and used pianos from half that. Not exactly cheap for a musical instrument but then again it is the only instrument that covers all the notes.

Tocayo GP2 used Grand Piano S$12,800

Some resources you might be interested in: - Connects buyers and sellers for new or old musical instruments, accessories and books. Wide variety of brands available. - online portal connecting sellers and buyers of used pianos, as well as other services like tuning.
Renner Piano Co - sells Stainberg & Song and Elington pianos.
Robert Piano Co - sells 12 different brands of pianos, including lessons and examinations. - Carries 8 different brands of pianos.
Cristofori - Music school and carries several brands of pianos including it's own house brand.

Petrof Upright Piano P 118 R1 S$20,000

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