Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Kids Kitchen Toys

After watching my nephew spend hours at his playdoh ice-cream maker, I begin to wonder why manufacturers don't make real food versions so these kids get to eat their creations and gain a bit of weight in the process. 

I remember when I was younger, Toys'r'us had yoghurt makers that came in pink plastic shells and a manual crank to turn powder into real yoghurt treats for me and my friends. So I set out on a shopping trip to Toys'r'us and found a Disney Princess popsicle maker for the little doll Sophia. The Disney Princess series carry quite a few appliances like cupcake makers and milkshake makers.

If you make a trip to Asian department stores like Takashimaya and BHG, you will find the entire range of Bandai food toys for kids. From fancy sushi with panda faces to sandwich moulds that mom can use to make fancy bentos for the kids. Each set retails for less than S$50.

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