Saturday, October 13, 2012

Che Che New York

Early birthday present from Che Che so I made a trip to the Mandarin Gallery Boutique. Their one-of-a-kind keychain pouches are very popular and I own a few. They also carry limited clothes, shoes and really well made bags. Quite unhappy that the new Fall/Winter stuff came in as I was about to leave.

I decided to be practical and got a pair of crystallized slippers. I think I told everyone how expensive Swarovski-Havianas are and then I go and pay S$139 for a pair of grey rubber slippers with crystals. The afternoon sun must have affected my judgement.

Followed on by more shopping to get new tops, ribbons and sanitary napkins.

Lots of comfort food to ponder over my shopping decisions. The Lavender ice-cream was quite nice, I think using the essence to cook is better than using the entire lavender bud.

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